The zeal of the Garba festival is in full swing, with the beaming and sparkling dandiya nights, lip-smacking food, Ghagharas, and many good things. 925silver Jaipur is bringing the earrings which you can flaunt this Festival season. Garba season takes place during the nine days of Navratri and is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm especially in the western areas of the country. It has its charm where everyone gathers around a large area and perform a very traditional dance form Garba and Dandiya which is played with sticks in hands.  

Every woman knows that without wearing the perfect pair of earring her look is incomplete and if you want to look more attractive than you must put silver jewelry with your outfit. When you have a look at our Bollywood styling divas. All these fashion icons have their different style statements where one thing is common that they wear earrings with every outfit they carry. All the fashion goddesses such as Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and all the beautiful ladies of B-town were always carrying go-to style look style inspirations when it comes to matching with the perfect style earring. So girls, choose wisely, this Garba you require the right pair of earrings so that you can steal the show.

Jewelry is something that can add glam to the outfit. Indian Jewelry is quite versatile on its own. We need not forget that attire is also very important during the Garba season. Women tend to wear Gujrati, Ethnic, Indo-western outfits. Traditional dresses are usually inspired by films such as Ram Leela and Padmavati. If you are thinking to wear Traditional jewelry than you can try wearing red silk saree. You can wear, Indo-western outfits. They also go pretty well. The best outfit for Garba is wearing shiny mirror work skirts with a choli.

Take a look at these 5 Earrings which can add more charm to your look:

Jhumka :


Never misses the list of the most essential list of jewelry in a woman's closet Jhumkas are an ultimate requirement for every woman in her traditional as well modern outfit. People in India call earrings, Jhumkas as they dangle down from your earlobes and accentuate your beauty as you turn around with your dangling earrings turning with you and displaying their beauty by reflecting sunshine or any other light. Since its inception jhumkas has turned the tables around in the game of jewelry adorning their way beyond anyone's imagination. Exquisite pair of earrings appends a fabulous sharp look to your attire. With Silver getting popular in the jewelry fashion game day by day, the popularity of the Silver Jhumkas has reached new heights. You can't miss a trend by not adding a silver earring or silver jhumka to your jewelry box. And from one of the latest trends, the popular one is to carry your silver jhumka wiht a minimal and sophisticated neckpiece. The neckpiece makes you look chic and subtle with your stunning earrings making their way to highlight you in front of other hundred people. Whatever you wear, the fashion statement demands keeps on changing, so there is no fixed trend and you are not bound to stick to any of them. So keep experimenting with new styles of wearing silver jhumkas. You can wear big and luxurious silver earpieces which add a class to your attire or you can even wear a more subtle and minimal silver earring which can be insignificant but makes you look classier. Your classic silver jhumkas will surely bedazzle every onlooker at the garba night and you are going to rock the event. 


Studs :

Silver studs are known for their comfort, convenience, and smart look. They are women's go-to accessory as they are so easy yet lends a stylish look to you. Very simple as well as elegant, these earring style are a classic match to every outfit in your wardrobe, this shows its versatality and and class. Studs can be worn at every event at any occasion, be it formal or informal. If you are going to carry a colorful dress with lots of shine and glitter pearls added to it, the studs are a perfect way to balance that sparkle in you complete look, or if you would like to wear a simple, charming yet smart dress at your formal event or function minimal and subtle sivler studs are your ultimate rescue. If you want to add a bit of class and genuine smartness and dont want to look overdressed then pairing up a simple saree or casual outfit with a Simple Silver Stud with a glimmering pearl in between will make your attire go look mindblowing. The studs comes in great variety and range. By just entering one shop you would be spoiled for choices when you look at their variety, so imagine when you visit a big silver store how wide the range would be to choose from for you. These are the perfect fit for any women, irrespective of their age and complexion. The lock type stud earrings are very secure and highly safe to wear as they get locked up to your earlobe and provides a stable ear. They are perfect for any occasion from office events to any type of family function or gatherings. 


Hoops :

Representing the style from the hula-hoops, the Hoop earrings are very famous because of their light weightedness and simple yet classy shape. Hoops are usually big but later the stylist compressed and rebound them with more adjustable shape. Small chunky hoops with the sterling stones going to change your entire look. As per the traditional look, you can go with large hoops which is going to add more volume and make you look more pretty. Colorful hoops can be more alluring and classy to wear. They will give the personal swanky look. Carrying hoops is not a big task, so you should go with hoops this festival season. 


Tear Drop:


Tear drop earrings are very classy and attractive because of their shape and style. They are also known as drop earrings as they represents the falling drop of water. Pastel color in the earrings can create a new subtle look. Pastel color is light in color so that it will create a sober look with a great dress up. Everyone likes to wear dangling kind of earrings. These earrings are light in weight so let’s not make this Garba quite overweight and feel free while wearing teardrop ears. You can go for some more hoops kind of teardrop which will add some more charisma to your look.



They are the combination of two types of earrings which include teardrop and studs together. When you are not wearing too heavy outfit then you must try for chandelier earrings. they give vintage look to catch the light ravishing and help you shine with your regal light. they can be found in both the categories as heavier or lightweight. There is the same color stone available that can make a combination with your attire so it will look like a combination with your attire.

As we are about to wrap up for this blog, we hope all the thoughts must be clear about how to carry your earrings with what dress and some quirky style statements which have been followed by the beauties of b-town. It’s not just about the style statement but you also need to take care of your skin too because wearing heavy fake earrings which can create an infection and you must have pain in ears so go for pure 925 silver jewelry which will not create any pain problem to your ears.

This Garba Season just flaunt more beautifully while purchasing the classy earrings from 925 silver Jaipur. We are offering pure silver earrings from which you will not bear heavy pain.


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