From centuries, different cultures have different significance for piercing noses for the variety of reasons. This culture started from the Middle East and traveled through all over India and yet it took thousands of years to become a common practice in western civilization. Additionally, the size of a woman’s nose ring describes how wealthy his husband’s family is and in some cases describes the wealth of the daughter’s family as a part of dowry culture. Earrings- an ornament for decorating the ears, have been the principal form of jewelry throughout recorded history. Silver earrings have always been a popular accessory in the Aegean world and Western Asia.

The nose pins have a great significance in the rich Indian history. Nose pins are the most essential adornment pieces of the tradition of India for ages. It’s customary for Indian fiancées to put on elegant nose pins on the day most cherished by them, their special day, their wedding day. Nevertheless, many young teenage girls and females absolutely cherish the thought of carrying nose pins on a regular basis. Chic, as well as elegant nose pins, are bringing new energy to the young female audience and it has become a popular trend for so many years now and it has also sparked more numerous young girls to catch up with the tradition and trend with a new and innovative twist. Fabulous and traditional nose pins were normally simply made of gold or silver. But with so many exceptional and latest designs and plans of the structure today, women have different kinds and varieties of nose pins now, that will resemble the latest taste and go well with the modern and young styles of the newer generation. 


The term ‘nose pin’ generally refers to ornament worn in nostril piercing, which includes labret studs, hoops, nostril, screws, and nose bones. Double nose gems are common among South Indians, Pathum, Punjabi, Rajasthani ethnic groups. These are called nature and are depicted through goddess Parvati and Lord Krishna. In Maharashtrians, women wear a large nose ring covering the large side of the face and in Bengalis, they prefer septum piercing which indicates the sign of being married. Nose rings, called the nath in various Indian languages, became popular in the 9th and 10th centuries and became one of the symbols of marital status. Silver is a metal that is affordable for all classes of society which is quite cheap and easily available. In the 15th century, these silver nose pins became more popular and witnessed lots of variations of using clove, thorns, nails during the 17th-18th century. Modern nose rings with contemporary designs and material came into existence in the 20th century.

Silver nose pins have long been valued as a precious ornament for ladies. Silver metal is used alongside gold and it is more abundant than gold. If you are planning to accessorize yourself with artistic-looking silver nose rings and silver earrings, then all you have to do is follow a few new trends. Currently, they are the most innovative and experimented with jewelry. Despite their limitation in size, they still utilize a blend of compositions, precious metals, and stones, along with different designs, beads, and ideas for adding an artistic, attractive, and elegant embellished appearance to one’s ensemble. For daily wear, one of the accepted modes of nose ring incorporates nose studdings, from primary to decorative floral design. Classic nose rings are circular and tend to be thin and large in diameter. Other kinds of nose rings may feature an earring style of design with the use of studs and floral design.


As mentioned earlier, nose pins and earrings are considered important ornamental accessories. From studs to nose pins and earrings are carried by thirty-three percent of the women in Indian society. Because of their intricate detailing and a collection of styles and designs, they can appear great on all types of faces. That is why they have a uniquely global appeal.


What we can say about the earrings? Everyone knows how glamorous and exquisite they are, and how much every woman of the world loves them. Statement earrings are one of the most prized and beautiful additions to your jewelry box, as it glams up the day at your office, and glitters up the night of your festivals. Every woman loves to possess a pair of statement earrings as they dangle down to your shoulder and create a mesmerizing view of the beholder. Statement earrings remain a must-have, an important, and the most significant accessory to your attire. These jewelry pieces enhance the glow and beauty of any outfit, doesn't matter you wear a classic traditional outfit or a subtle and sophisticated official wear. They energize even the simplest attires. Elevating personality, offering color, or combining a portion of allurement – whatever your understanding to entertain this bold and reckless trend, audacious and stunning earrings will constantly be a focal feature of every fashionable and stylish woman’s jewelry case.


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