1.  Reduces Leg Pain

When people frequently experiencing leg pain, tingling, numbness or weakness then wearing anklets can be helpful. In fact, if the pain originates from the lower back pain and travels through the buttock and down to the sciatic then it’s time to take the precaution. Silver anklets can provide relive from such pains and give a lot of positive energy.

2. Saviour to Problems

Apart from mesmerising the feet silver anklets are the biggest saviour for females. Wearing them can cure gynaecological disorders, infertility, and hormonal imbalance and obstetric problems. Celebrate your feminism wearing them and enjoy every moment in life.

3.  Reduces and Protects Swelling Heels

Women often have problems of swollen heels which badly affect their daily routine and work. But wearing silver anklets can be effected in getting rid of these problems.

Silver anklets regulate the blood circulation and thus help in curing the swollen heels naturally.

4.  Heals Energy

Wearing silver anklets have the scientific significance as well and it is one the delicate jewellery to wear. The scientific reason behind wearing them is the energy isn’t wasted and in fact re-vibrated back to one’s own body again. Hence wearing them is the best way to remain energetic and divine.

5.  Immunity Booster

This beautiful silver jewellery not only adorns the feet but has the numerous health benefits as well.  Along with producing the melodious sound, wearing silver anklets will activate the lymph glands in the body to boost the immunity. Thus they are more than just the accessories.

6.  Bring Positivity in Home

Wearing silver anklets fill the environment of the house with positivity and purity with its pleasing melodious sound. It is a belief that in the home where the woman wears anklets, gods and angels are attracted and fill the home with the blessings and goodwill.

7.  Solah Shringar (Indian Rituals)

Silver Anklets are also a part of 16 Shringar for Indian women. Wearing them denote the marital status in the Indian culture and considered as the symbol of luck for her husband and herself.