Next only to Gold when it comes to being malleable or ductile, Silver is the third most costly metal for jewelry making (first being platinum and second being Gold). So when it comes to buying jewelry, customers seem to have a clear winner between the two. Hence this jewelry competition is often won by the former one. Although the reason for gold’s win has seldom to do with its mechanical properties. People refrain from buying silver when it comes to heavy investments, as they consider the metal somewhat lowly to gold. But the truth is, Silver leads on many fronts as far as its jewelry items are concerned, and proves to be a better choice even in case of long time investment. So let’s have a look at the 6 benefits of buying silver jewelry, which might make you choose a silver bracelet over a gold one from next time on.


Head or Neck Pain

Silver jewelry like silver earrings and bracelets are often lightweight. Consequently, they could be worn for an extended period. On the other hand, gold jewelry is heavy as compared to silver, and wearing it continuously or for a longer period could cause neck or back pain. Wearing heavy gold earrings could damage the ear lobes too. 


Silver is durable

Silver is resilient and hard to damage the metal. While gold is comparatively soft, and prone to warping, gouging, and bending. So if you are one of those people who can’t afford to pay extra attention to their jewelry items, then Silver can help your case. Being durable and strong, silver jewellery can be perfect heirloom pieces that you can treasure for years to come. Nothing like a beautiful silver necklace or intricately designed silver bangles and earrings, that can be passed on to your generations to come. Also, with time, silver develops a rich patina that adds to its value and beauty. A rustic old silver jewellery will have a similar impact or often much more visual appeal than a newly purchased jewellery.


Silver compliments any Clothing

Silver ornaments, due to silver and white hue, go with any clothing line that you could afford or choose to wear. The crystal clear colour of silver makes it absolutely perfect for ethnic as well as western dresses as well. The white colour or silver makes it perfect to design contemporary and modern jewellery along with traditional designs. The colour of silver also suits almost all skin colours and adds to your overall beauty.



Looks Great with Other gemstones

Again, thanks to its color shade, silver wines by 2-0. The metal compliments gemstones like Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, and Rubies due to its neutral hue. Silver complements almost all colour stone, precious or semi-precious. This makes it absolutely perfect to use in stone jewellery. The white base of the metal enhances the colours of the stones used that makes the jewellery extremely attractive and captivating. Apart from silver, gold has its own features and colours that complement most of the colors and styles. Both the metals are perfect in your space.  So in case you are planning to buy a silver bracelet embedded with any of the above gemstones, rest assured, you will be getting compliments for both separately.


Goes with Semi-precious gemstones too

Other than gemstones, silver jewelry could be your choice too if you are planning to buy semi-precious gemstones. Semi-precious gemstones like Amber, Beads, Andalusite, pearls, aquamarine, etc. are well complemented in the presence of a silver ornament.


One of the best features of silver over other metals is that it's affordable yet opulent. And it also teams well with semi-precious gemstones, which makes it a perfect option for semi-precious jewellery, that can instantly capture all eyes and captivate every heart.


It’s is Healthier

Silver jewelry has more positive effects than a gold one. Wearing silver jewelry helps you keep your blood vessels elastic, aids bone formation and healing, and acts as a pain killer in case of muscle aches. These are some benefits that you could never achieve while wearing a gold ornament.


Silver has a history:

Silver has a long history that connects the wearer with ancient tales and the culture of India. A country with an age old love with gold, silver has also made quite a place for many years. Silver has been widely used to make objects, ornaments, coins, temples, utensils, and other precious accessories. Till now, silver coins, utensils are used to worship Goddess Laxmi in Diwali. This long history and fondness for wonderful metal make it one of the most cherished jewellery metals.



To sum it up, silver jewelry, like silver earrings, studs, and anklet, is always a better option than its gold contemporaries, as they are lightweight, versatile, durable, and healthier. They are also available in a variety of designs, colours (because of being extremely complementary to coloured gemstones), types because their amazing malleability property and durability make them an ideal choice to be used in your next jewellery. So from next time on, if you are having doubts over what kind of jewelry to buy, just make sure you have the above points in mind.