The silver nose pin is a very popular form of jewellery worn by piercing a hole in nose. It is an item that has found its way to the fashion world through a very interesting historical past. They were found in the Middle East and were first introduced in 16th century by Mughals in India. During the Mughal Rule, nose pin were designed in one way, which were floral patterns. Silver nose pins make a woman appealing and beautiful. They are available in different designs and colours but silver make it look more beautiful. Nose pin is a modern fashion accessory which was once only a tradition. Beautiful Silver Nose Pin is worn in the western culture too and seen as trendy ornament. If you are fascinated with the charm of nose pins and a bit confused, here are some beautiful silver nose pin . 1. Simple Silver Nose Pin : Simplicity always speaks louder. The simple silver nose pin can be the first nose pin for any girl who has decided to wear it. It is very light weight and has irregular patterns. They are unusual and stylish. It is the best option for school and college girls as it is very simple and gives a cool look. 2. Flower Bent Silver Nose Pin : This is another trendy nose pin popular these days and gives a chic look to the face. It has flower and the stem bent inside. It can be worn on different days and occasions. 3. Silver Loop Nose Pin: This silver pin gives a very glamorous and cool look especially when diamonds are added to the loop. Silver loop pin will attract all the attention. It can go with the traditional dress. 4. Large Silver Hoops: The large silver hoops change the look entirely and call for a special occasion like wedding or festivals. These surely look beautiful and as they tend to change the look entirely. 5. Beaded Silver Nose Pin : Silver pin can be worn with any outfits. If one wants to add additional colours to it they can go for coloured beads matching the outfits for the funky look. It is a simple nose pin yet in trend. 6. Floral Silver Nose Pin : The floral silver nose pin has flower design on them. The flower pattern pins look really beautiful on a big nose and they can attract attention to this beautiful centre piece apart from the nose. 7. Wide Silver Nose Pin : The wide nose silver pin will enhance the beauty of the pointed tip of one’s face. This is bright and big nose pin for sharper nose. This pin will look good on both, traditional as well as modern attires. 8. Diamond Silver Nose Pin : Whether the diamond are in numbers or one big diamond cased in silver it, this diamond silver pin looks timeless and suits any nose shape and looks good on every age group. 9. Silver Nose Pin With Stones: As stones are available in different colours and can be cased with silver to match the outfit for a royal look. They can be mixture of different stone making a particular design or a single giant stone making it vibrant. It looks perfect on broader nose. The silver nose pins are been worn from ancient time and were a symbol of showing the wealth and endowments a girl had with her. Well, nowadays more than any status symbol, these are mainly flaunted to improvise one’s look and glamour quotient. It is a beauty regime for women across the world. Silver nose pin has witnessed a crucial makeover have marked incredible designs.