Silver Rings, as they play a key role whenever two people meet for life.
Culture, and religious factors also play a role.
For example, in Islam, golden men rings are prohibited; therefore, they go for types of silver rings.
However, there is no prohibition in other cultures, so plenty of gold ring designs for men are easily accessible.
Just like gold, silver ring material also has types:
Pure Stainless steel
Combo of steel with chromium

Silver Cocktail fashion rings
cocktail rings are bigger rings that cover your finger better. It has a colourful stone that’s large and set in the middle of the ring.
Cocktail rings settings also come with birthstones however the purpose of such rings is not just oodles fashion.

Statement Silver rings
To know statement ring definition, see its name; statement rings are also larger in size however not just with stone but they have an overall bigger size.
They are called statement rings because they are visible from a distance and outdo your presence completely from the rest.

Finger Claw Ring
Claw rings are mainly popular among teenage boys and girls however all age groups can enjoy wearing them in order to add a little style to their persona. 
From one to three, teenagers carry finger claw rings in different ways, just the way they like it, such as in the first finger only or in the first three fingers. It comes in a metal finish and looks so cool

Cluster rings
Instead of one stone, in cluster rings, there is more than one stone placed that can be of one to different colors. Being a fashion ring, the cluster ring also has a larger size than usual.
Diamond cluster wedding rings are so much in demand

Stackable Silver rings
Stackable silver rings are different than other fashion rings that are bigger in size.
These are small, thin, and very delicate rings.
To showcase a style statement, more than one stack rings are worn in the fingers. You can call them bangles for your fingers.
Stackable child name rings are so in demand as mother’s ring.

Silver Mid finger rings
Mid-finger rings, as the name denotes, are the rings to wear in the middle of your fingers.
Do not misunderstand it with the ring for the middle finger.
They are also fine and delicate and can be thin or thick, based on the style statement of the person wearing it.

Reptile Inspired ring
These are casual rings that people can wear on daily basis. You can find different animal designs in such rings. Once again, the style is popular among the teen generation

Name rings
Name rings are also called initial rings especially when only the initial letter of your name is beaming in the ring.
People use various kinds of materials for name rings

Engagement Rings and Bands
Engagements and rings are synonymies together because ring is the main part of the engagement either happening formally or just the first-time proposal.
Engagements rings can be expensive to cheap, based on the pocket size and choice of the person.
However, people spend annually a huge sum on engagement rings.
Engagement rings, as they are between people to promise each other for their presence through thick and thin.
The ring is worn in the ring finger that resides in between middle and pinky finger.
Engagement rings are available in different types of materials including diamond, silver, gold, platinum, and many others