Though it has taken a while for the people to make silver jewelry their priority, its demand has always persisted in the market. Earlier gold was thought to be a superior option in comparison to silver. But the ever-increasing prices of gold pushed jewelry lovers to look for a cheaper alternative. While fashion accessories cost a fraction of the precious metals, they can cause allergies to people with sensitive skin. The dazzling silver comes at mid-range giving the wearers the luxury to feel royal without going overboard. This is what made ‘silver’ the ideal choice. And it's not just the price that has made silver one of the most sought-after metal in jewelry designing but it's durability, versatility, and malleability makes it extra special.

No doubt there are a lot of precious and semi-precious metals out there, like gold, platinum, but silver has its own fan base and its own legacy. The glorious white metal has been a favorite for ages because of its amazing appeal that goes with almost any type of jewelry, be it traditional or contemporary. It also fits amazingly well with all colored gemstones. The amazing malleability makes it easy to craft intricate and beautiful pattern on the metal, which results in some amazing jewelry designs which are hard to get in some other metal. And apart from all this, it is super durable and affordable. A silver necklace or heirloom earring will go for years and will find its home in your closet forever. So if you are planning to buy silver jewellery, here is a list of five must-have jewellery pieces to adore this beautiful metal. 


1.Silver Chain - Are you a fan of minimalism? Neck chains are the best accessory for you. They come in a variety of styles such as curb, links, box, cable, rope, and Figaro. Generally, men prefer longer chains whereas women go for shorter ones. If you want to go bold, add a pendant to your neck chains. For a sassy avatar choose pendants with asymmetrical shapes. You can also combine pearls, gemstone beads, and other colorful stones to give the chain a lively appearance.

If you're that diva and love to experiment with the look, pair the multiple chains in different styles and sizes to get a layered necklace look. Layering will add depth and dimension to the rather mundane silver chains and will also enhance your look.


2. Silver Bracelets - It is one of the most popular items of jewelry amongst men. The broad bracelets have a manly essence. It is a favorite of gothic and punk jewellery lovers. They are a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. Couples can be gifted silver bracelets with their names engraved over it. Petite silver chained wristlets are often gifted as a present to kids.


3. Silver bracelets for women are also a must-have jewelry piece that can accentuate your traditional as well western outfit in a jiffy. With a variety of styles and designs, a silver bracelet will instantly enhance your look without going overboard. Go for a minimal sleek chain with a colored gemstone, or opt for a chunky, geometrical pattern to bring that strong edge to your appeal, silver bracelets will be a perfect addition to any style you choose.


4. Jhumka Earrings - This earrings style originated in India, is an epitome of artistry and heritage. Jhumkas are domed-shaped earrings. The top portion secured on the earlobe is flat connected to the dom by a link. The border of the dome is decorated with small round hanging stones. Traditionally they were a part of the dance jewellery. Popularised by the Bharatnatyam dancers, jhumkas are a must wear to celebrate womanhood. While it is a piece of staple ear jewelry for Asian women, it has also earned a reputation in foreign countries. A wide range of stones is studded on silver allowing you to shop for a jhumka that matches your outfit. Full moon jhumkas also called chandbali are an exquisite design consisting of a circulator loop attached to a lower dome.


It is one such piece you should must-have in your jewellery closet. Even if you're wearing a simple salwar kameez, or styling your old lehenga with a classic white shirt, a pair of beautiful silver jhumka will uplift your entire look like no other. Style them with various outfits and various ways and they'll be your favorite forever.


5. Silver Anklet - Focussing only on the face and arms is an injustice woman who has beautiful feet. Also, anklets are believed to maintain the flow of energy in the body. It counters the negative charge from the earth resulting in a positive charge. Sleek silver anklets have become a rage in many countries. You too can flaunt your personal style by wearing celestial chained anklets.

Apart from the health and scientific belief, anklets are the new talk of the town. A sleek anklet with some glimmering gemstone and charms, or a traditionally designed Payal, this beautiful piece of jewellery has an understated charm and elegance about it. It instantly adds a sense of feminity and allure to the overall look of the wearer. 

6.Toe Rings - Toe bands are worn by both men and women. While health-conscious people wear it for acupuncture, it can use be used for making a fashion statement. If you are wearing a toe ring for well-being, wear it on the second toe. Decorating feet with multiple toe rings are the hottest trend.

Comes in a variety of design with colorful gemstone, toe rings are a perfect project your personality. Starting from head to the feet, when everything can be adorned and beautified using jewelry, why should your toes feel alone :) 

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