It has been observed that the customers tend to buy jewelry by weight (per gram) and because of this shopkeepers have come up with a new strategy to fool people. We can't even imagine till what extend they got up to just to increase their profits. They started making the product heavier with the same volume, size, and dimensions. Jewelers try to imitate the original designs of popular jewelry using copy stones to increase the weight of the product. What they do is they used to reduce per gram cost of the jewelry so that you think that you purchase the jewelry at a very good price but in reality, you end up paying way more than the actual price of the original jewelry.

It is being advised that instead of asking or looking for the per gram cost of the jewelry, you should always look for the jewellery that has been well crafted, lightweight & has been made using "Mahim Karigir" (Micro Setting). You might be paying extra per gram for the original jewelry but for your hard-earned money you are getting better crafted and lightweight jewelry that is even prettier than the copied one.