Sterling Silver is one of the most popular forms of silver along with Fine Silver. These two are the mostly used types of silver that exist to make silver jewelry. The main difference between both of them is the amount of pure silver in their compounds. The Sterling Silver contains 92.5% Pure Silver content and hence it is popularly known as the 925 Sterling Silver or only 925 Silver. The rest is formed by adding other metals like copper, zinc, or nickel to make the compound hard enough for durability and shine. Mostly copper is used because it does not wear the Silver properties away and keeps the Silver appear brilliant and natural. On the other hand, Fine Silver contains 99% Pure Silver and is less durable and strong to last long. It is soft and contains more pure silver and hence it is more expensive, depending on the other metal used to make its compound. Sterling silver or, popularly known as 925 Silver jewelry’s demand has always been on a rise. There has been a significant increase in the number of buyers who purchase silver earrings online, thanks to different e-commerce platforms. Given the profitable discounts and everyday offers in payment mechanisms, one can get while e- purchasing a product. But not only one looks good and gorgeous with 925 jewelry on it, but it also has much to do with health too. Wearing 925 silver anklets, rings, pendants, etc. has more health benefits than one could imagine. So let’s have a look at some of the many health benefits of wearing 925 jewelry.

1. Mine of Positivity

Silver is considered as a metal that provides great sense and positivity. From ancient times, silver has been seen as an element that can cure and bring positive vibes to an ambiance and a flow of pure energy. Studies have proved that wearing 925 jewelry can boost levels of energy, a sense of balance, and emotional behavior.


2. Improves Blood Circulation

The positively charged silver (ions) help create a conductive field that reflects “bad” electromagnetic radiation away from the wearer’s body. Thus stimulating the body’s natural conductivity, and improving blood circulation.


3. Helps in an Improved Decision Making

When you wear silver jewelry, you cast off all the negative energy around you and bring your aura into a more relaxing mindset that can vanish the negative thoughts inside your head and let you think and act well in that moment. By chasing-off the negative vibes around you, 925 silver jewelry clears your thinking process. Resulting in more diligent, compassionate, and well-observed decisions.


4. Keeps Cold and Flu Away

Silver is also known as a healing metal. From its inception, it is known to have healing powers that can cure diseases and brings your body to a healthier and happier state. Its antibacterial and antibiotic properties prove to be a blessing for those who are more prone to catching a cold and allergies as soon as the season changes. Well spent bucks on an authentic 925 silver can help you cut your seasonal medical bills to a greater extent. The positively charged silver ions bind to the negatively-charged oxygen molecules in viruses and bacterias, crushing them down and smothering them.


5. Keeps Water Good

In ancient times, when sailors were to move in their huge ships to travel across the seas they bring huge water barrels with them. They used to fill the barrels with water and then put silver coins and silverware in them in order to keep the water free from impurities and germs. Silver coins prove to a good solution for making water drinking fit. As the antibacterial properties of silver have proven to slow down the replication process of bacteria like E.coli. That’s why it is advised to drink water from the purifiers which contain filters made of silver and copper. And the good thing about 925 silver is the fact that it contains a good percentage of copper too.


6. Good For Bones

Wearing 925 rings, silver anklets, bracelets, and other jewelry can assist reduce the pain in arthritic conditions. People with arthritic infirmities in their hands have profited from specifically designed silver rings that aid to reduce their joint inflammation and ease movement.

Given these, and numerous others, health benefits of 925 silver, deciding to buy a 925 this festive season might prove to be a good decision. Not only 925 is value for money, but the charisma it adds to the wearer’s personality is also second to nothing. 


7. A Handy Investment:

Purchasing sterling silver jewelry or investing in silver is a bright idea and a good investment for taking on the contingency situation. The value of this metal doesn't depreciate like other investments and would give a good return after some years. 

The properties and the benefits of the 925 Silver and its jewelry are endless and unmatchable. They are so impressive that you must not hold yourself to buy your silver right now. Shop the entire collection of amazing sterling silver that strikes right in the chest and eyes of the beholder. Bring in your silver jewelry with all the benefits listed above and rock this festive and wedding season. Explore and shop our collection at 925 Silver Jaipur.