Well, which woman doesn’t love glittering jewelry that enhances her look ten times. Some of the ladies cannot even think of stepping out of their homes without wearing their favorite pieces of jewelry and accessories. Be it a simple neckpiece, silver earrings, or a bracelet, even donning one of them makes their look complete. However, with the skyrocketed price of gold, many women have shifted their tastes to silver and oxidized jewelry to suit their budget. Also, they get more options and versatility when they buy silver jewelry online. But all the sparkle cannot last forever until they are well taken care of. The silver can lose all the shine and go black. So, to help you take care of your most precious and loved jewelry pieces, we have listed a few tips to take care of silver accessories. 


These are some must-follow tips to take care of your silver jewelry, have a read:


Clean properly

When you wear Indian silver jewelry, it’s natural that it will get sweaty. This can spoil the condition of your set because of all the moisture which could cause tarnishing. Hence, it is essential to clean it properly before you store them again. Wipe the sweat properly with a napkin or tissue and then keep it in a concealed box. You can also clean it with hot water and one tablespoon of bleach-free laundry detergent, do not use a liquid wash. Now, place the pieces in a bowl lined with aluminum foil and filled with the solution for approximately one minute. Rinse it well and let it dry. You can remove tarnish with a dense paste of water and a one-fourth cup of baking soda. Use a damp cloth or a sponge to implement it and massage it with soft hands.

  • The most popular and recommended way to clean the silver jewelry is by soap and water. Because of the softness of the lather created by the soap and water, the jewelry impurities are removed easily. Soap and water combo must be your first choice or we can say your first solution before attempting any other method.
  • There are some rumors that toothpaste can clean your jewelry, but it doesn't. If someone suggests you to use toothpaste, we recommend you to ignore that suggestion. If toothpaste is simple and non-whitening, a non-gel based pastes, they can work 20% on your jewelry to clean them, however, they definitely include many different chemicals that can damage your silver jewelry. Instead of stupid ideas, you can use the Baking soda and water combination. You can make a paste by mixing baking soda with water, apply a little quantity on a toothbrush or a cloth, and rub gently to clean the jewelry. 
  • Another important mixture of white vinegar and baking soda is very helpful for cleaning your silver jewelry. You can remove heavy tarnishing or rust with this gentle method. All you have to do is to dip your sterling silver in a half cup of white vinegar and then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and leave it for a couple or more hours. After 2 or 3 hours rinse the jewelry with clean water and then pat dry.


Avoid exposure

One of the common reasons that your silver jewelry tarnishes is its contact with cleaning products like bleach. When you wear it in day-to-day life while doing household chores, it is spoiled due to food comprises sulfur, such as eggs, mayonnaise, onions, and mustard as they cause it to corrode. Keep it away from sunlight, chlorinated water, cosmetics, spray, lotions, perfumes, and other such stuff which are foes of your silver jewelry and accelerate the sullying.


Store nicely

To take care of anything, there must be a proper place for the same to place and store. If you want your pure silver jewelry pure for a longer time, try storing it at a place where it will not be damaged easily. To protect it from scratches, you have to define a definite place to store your Silver Jewelry. Remember not to keep silver jewelry with any other metal or in an open box. Pack it in a zipped plastic bag and then store it in an anti-tarnishing wooden box or airtight box. This will maintain your trinkets in good condition for a longer time while preventing pieces to rub against each other. You have to shield it from air to avoid discoloration and wipe it with a cotton cloth every time you wear it. Never use uncoated wooden boxes to store it as this may cause the silver to lose color and shine.


Use it

This is the best part of any article. Women are delighted to wear their jewelry and stay excited for the festive season to get a chance to flaunt their silver jewelry. The primary motive to buy silver jewelry online is to wear it and not store it in your locker to use it once in a blue moon. Use it frequently to prevent tarnish and for regular cleaning. Some women are allergic to metal and often wonder if silver will have the same negative effect on their skin. Well, the answer is ‘no’ as long as you clean it after wearing it.


Handle with care

Many of you might not be familiar with the fact that silver is a yielding metal that can scar easily. When we talk about pure silver, it is malleable, soft, and can be damaged even with a little force. Therefore, never hit or press it hard against any solid surface. Don’t let your silver earrings or rings come in direct contact with bare timber because the acid present in it can tarnish the exterior. Also, do not keep it in a silver envelope or cardboard boxes.


We hope that these tips will help you keep your valuables in proper condition for as long as possible. Remember, you have invested your money and heart into buying these silver jewelry pieces so they deserve special attention and care.


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