MOM WAS RIGHT ABOUT SILVER JEWELLERY Hey, beauties! My mom always used to wear silver jewelry rather than any other jewelry, and I used to ask why always silver jewelry over any other metal and her answer blows my mind. She used to say that silver jewelry gives an antique and unique look and also it adds style to the outfit, it's more affordable and the designs of gold jewelry can be easily replicated into silver so why to invest more when we are getting the design and beauty in lower budget. It sounds easy but it is quite logical so she was right and today I have much more to share about the facts of  Silver jewelry that will let you think twice before purchasing or investing in jewelry. Silver jewelry is coming in interesting designs that easily complement your outfit for day to day wear or any traditional occasion. Earlier it was restricted to combine the designs of gold and silver jewellery but now it's a prevailing trend and even you can see that the fashion models, celebrities are adopting this trend to make themselves more stylish in terms of jewellery as well. Nowadays customers are shifting towards ethnic and tribal silver pieces of jewelry as the offbeat designs are liking a lot - it could be a silver pendant, silver necklaces, silver jhumkas, ethnic silver earrings. Silver jewellery is manufactured by adding stones and gemstones to make it more presentable among the ladies. The world and fashion enthusiasts are shifting towards a much more offbeat trend that will add up to the modern fashion scenario. This offbeat trend involves putting on silver jewelry with some tweaks and twerks. And not traditionally and classically, but in an unconventional way.    To make yourself more elegant among the crowd one can choose oxidized silver jewelry for traditional attire with silver jhumkas, tribal necklaces that will make you look diva for the day, and for classy and party evenings one can choose silver studs or silver drop earrings with the combination of a silver bracelet and an antique silver pendant that will add beauty to your outfit.  Sterling silver is considered stronger than gold. The durability nature of sterling silver bracelets can be worn for all-day without any worry of scratching, bending, or skin infection because of it's 92.5% of purity. Like gold, silver jewelry need not be kept in the locker as compare to any other metal. According to the survey, people believed that - silver jewelry can be worn on any color of attire there's no need to think more in terms of fashion as it can easily go with any of the attire. To Invest in silver jewelry is the best option and it has huge advantages - appearance, weight, varieties, affordability as well as maintenance. Sterling Silver jewelry is hypoallergenic - unlike nickel and gold, silver metal doesn't cause an allergic reaction or it doesn't cause skin infection, the reason being is sterling silver is pure silver that has been mixed with other metals to create a harder metal. It's hypoallergenic depends on other metals that get mixed with sterling silver. The great advantage of buying silver jewelry is we can clean it by using home remedies as well. The old silver jewelry can be polished and renewed into a new look also gold polished can be done on our silver jewelry to make it look new.  Silver Jewelry is more than just metal jewelry, but it is one important metal that has proved its value since its inception and continuing its mettle as the most essential jewelry metal. Don't go anywhere else if you are looking for the most genuine jewelry in the town. 925 Silver Jaipur has got you covered with its exquisite and wide range of Silver trinkets that will surely make you go crazy. Hop on to our website below and shop now. Check out our entire collection of Silver Jewellery here: Follow us for Daily Updates: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: