In India, the culture of wearing south Indian jewellery is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The enthusiasm for wearing silver jewelry from ancient times to nowadays is increasing day by day in both men and women or any age everybody loves to wear jewelry. For Indian Women, jewellery is an integral part of Indian Society also it holds the utmost importance not only in terms of ornamentation but also it is considered beneficial. Women show a lot of interest and desire to buy the latest Silver Jewelry as a prestige especially when they need to attend any festive occasion to look presentable in front of the crowd. The art of Antique jewellery is the greatest attraction and it also becomes a vital part of tradition and Indian Culture as it is considered a symbol of esteem, wealth, prosperity, power among Indian women. People in south India gives more importance to jewelry for royalty. The best part of the jewelry is you can gift pieces of it to your loved ones on any special occasion. The specialty of jewellery is art and work done on it with the metals and stones by the manufacturers. And if you ever want to witness the opulence and beauty of South Indian jewellery, visit a south Indian wedding. The bride is adorned with heavy jewellery inspired by the temples, goddesses, and the rich heritage of South Indian that can capture and mesmerize anyone.


As the demand for South Indian Jewellery is increasing day by day, people want the latest and stylish designs of jewelry. Earlier people used to wear only traditional and temple jewellery but now with the latest trend, people are shifting towards modern jewelry along with the elegant look that will go with any attire. The taste of Indian women varies from religion to religion to enhance the beauty of the culture. The auspicious thing about the south Indian women is they decorate themselves by wearing jewelry all over the body. 925 silver Jaipur brings the latest collection of South Indian jewellery that will go with any attire of your choice and make your presence unique. 925 Silver Jaipur is the manufacturer of Silver jewellery that provides the jewelry according to the client’s taste. The jewelry is designed in such a way that the patterns are especially in lotus, floral patterns, stars, swans, and various motifs that have ancient temple architecture also signifies prosperity. Wearing jewelry is important because our ancestors used this as a status in society but nowadays it is used as a prosperity symbol and financial stability. 925 Silver Jaipur crafted jewellery for almost all body parts. Let’s take a look at the significance of South Indian Jewelry for each body part.

Lakshmi Haar



Lakshmi Haar design necklace is encrusted with jewels, the centerpiece of a Lakshmi Haar is a finely crafted engraving of goddess Lakshmi surrounded by peacocks or elephants, studded with stones. Lakshmi Haar design necklace is the type of long Silver necklace that holds importance in the religious ceremonies in the South region. Lakshmi Haar's design necklace has designs of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on it. As the rituals of India, Lakshmi Haar design Silver necklace is worn by the eldest lady of the house on auspicious occasions. 925 Silver Jaipur has a great collection of Lakshmi Haar design Silver Necklace.


Mango Mala



Mango Mala gives an adorable look on sarees or any traditional outfit. If the attire is not so fancy then the Mango Mala Silver Necklace makes them look fancier and the goddess pendant at the bottom gathers attention in a single glance. 925 Silver Jaipur craft Mango Mala Silver necklace with stones in each piece for a simple and elegant look that can be worn with any attire of contrasting color during weddings and other major celebrations.

Kasu Mala



The Kasu Mala Silver necklace is essential in every South Indian woman’s jewelry collection. Kasu means coin and Mala mean necklace, which is made up of little gold coins with an inscription of Lakshmi or Ram Parivar. The Kasu Mala Silver necklace is designed with Lakshmi on every coin is called as Lakshmi Kasu Mala. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactures Mango Mala Silver Necklace with the utmost uniqueness and stylish designs.



Jadanagam is the most unique ornament in the South Indian Jewellery collection. Jadanagam is used to adorn the braid in a very auspicious way. 925 Silver Jaipur has a beautiful collection of Silver Jadanagam to adorns the hair. Silver Jadanagam is worn in major celebrations, marriages, or any festive occasion. In the south region, even Brides also wore this at their marriages to look more adorable and beautiful. Silver Jadanagam is a symbol of protection and power.



Oddiyanam is the waistband in South Indian Jewellery that holds the saree. Oddiyanam is also known as the Kamar band in the common language. 925 Silver Jaipur designed Silver Oddiyanam as an asymmetrical belt with heavily beautifies carvings by jewels with various motifs like peacock, birds, or images of deities. Check 925 Silver Jaipur for more latest and stylish designs of Silver Oddiyanam.


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