The mango tikka is generally worn by brides, it can also be worn by women of all ages for any special occasion that requires splendour and touch of royalty. This accessory can be worn with any hairstyle. Beginning A few Indian ethnic styles are gotten from old sacred texts, or sketches, and the ostentatious structure of the maang tikka likewise discovers its underlying foundations in memorable historic paintings and artefacts. This hair embellishment was worn by people in old occasions, and a few works of art that have tantric significance delineate people who wear a trimming like the maang tikka on their foreheads. The maang tikka is an important jewellery for ladies. It is planned so that it lays on the 6th chakra of the brow, as told in Hindu folklore and speaks to the third eye, or the intensity of the spirit. The brow's inside, where the maang tikka is put, likewise signifies one's capacity to control feelings, and the intensity of fixation. The vintage intrigue of this accessory has made it very well known, in India as well as over the world. Style and Variety There are many variations of the maang tikka. A wedding maang tikka for example, has two strings on each side, which can be stretched out and stuck to the hair, giving a beautiful conventional look. In Rajasthan however, women wear the round-shaped maang tikka, commonly referred to as ‘Bor’, which is a single-string tikka pinned to the hair at the top of the head. Some maang tikka designs are heavy and intricately embellished, whereas some are simple and delicate looking. In Muslim weddings, brides wear the maang tikka on one side of the head; and it is known as ‘Jhumar Tikka’. There is no dearth of styles in the fashioning of a maang tikka. Right from a work tikka to a wrought silver one, the number of varieties available in the market can take one’s breath away. This also makes it possible for women to sport the  Kundan maang tikka on occasions besides their weddings Nowadays ladies select unpredictably structured maang tikkas, which are made out of valuable stones like rubies, jewels, or sapphires, and are installed in groups of pearls. There are different patterns accessible in the market, and one can get a maang tikka as indicated by one's personal choice. Several Indian ethnic styles are derived from ancient scriptures, or paintings, and the flamboyant design of the maang tikka also finds its roots in historic paintings and artifacts. This hair adornment was worn by men and women in ancient times, and several paintings that have tantric significance depict men and women who wear an ornament similar to the maang tikka on their foreheads. Trendsetter Apart from adding grace and charm to a bride’s overall look, the maang tikka has been used by several fashion designers in showcasing their ethnic collections. Indian fashion icons like JJ Valaya, Ritu Kumar and Manish Malhotra have flaunted exquisite looking maang tikkas as accessories to some of their bestselling collections. In addition to fashion designers, Indian actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza, and Shilpa Shetty have worn the maang tikka for various fashion shows or for dance sequences in their movies. Present Day Scenario These days’ women opt for intricately designed maang tikkas, which are made out of precious stones like rubies, diamonds, or sapphires, and are embedded in clusters of pearls. There are various designs available in the market, and one can get a maang tikka according to one’s personal preference. Global Appeal Although an Indian ornament, many women from across the globe have been seen sporting it. For instance, Hollywood singing sensation Alicia Keys was seen wearing a delicate looking maang tikka for red carpet events an accessory to her outfit which primarily featured Western aesthetics. Likewise, several international designer labels like Chanel have used variations of the maang tikka as beautiful head pieces. Indian weddings are extremely popular in the west; and Indian brides generally make it a point to sport traditional Indian outfits and accessories, like the maang tikka, on their special day. This has taken Indian ethnic fashion to regular people from around the world and made it well-liked and admired. Accessorising  A simple maang tikka can be worn for a religious or festive occasion which goes well in sync with gorgeous looking lehengas, sarees or salwar suits. For weddings, engagements, and parties the maang tikka can be donned with opulently designed shararas or women’s sherwanis. Simple looking earrings or studs along with heavy necklaces look best with the maang tikka.