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Buy silver Nosepin online 10% off

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Buy silver Nosepin online 10% off

Buy silver Nosepin online for 10% off, One of the many pieces of jewelry Indian women adorn themselves is the nose pin. This small piece of jewelry highlights the entire face and can be worn at all times. In fact, it becomes part of the body like ears, eyes, nose, etc. According to Ayurveda, piercing at certain points of the nostrils is beneficial for the health of women.

Silver Nosepin

Nose piercing is nothing new. They have been a part of the culture for centuries, especially among certain tribes. While traveling across Odisha, women come with women with both their nostrils and their septum. They look very beautiful with big nose rings. However, with time, it has become a fashion trend. Most of the urban women have shiny pieces of jewelry, diamonds, or gold on their noses. Buy silver Nosepin online 10% off

Nosepin | 925 Silver

Circular Barbell – It's a straight bar with beads on each end, both without a screw to remove. However, the bar is curved.

Nostril Screw – This nose pin has a stone/flat surface on one side and a bent metal wire attached to it that you can twist and insert into the hole. It stays inside the nose and is less likely to be lost.

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