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Lord Parshwanath silver idol

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Lord Parshwanath silver idol


Length- 13 cm

width- 7 cm

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Lord Parshwanath silver idol

A Lord Parshwanath silver idol refers to a statue or figurine made of silver that depicts Lord Parshwanath, a revered figure in Jainism. Lord Parshwanath is considered the 23rd Tirthankara, a spiritual teacher and enlightened being who guides individuals towards spiritual liberation.

A Lord Parshwanath silver idol typically portrays him in a seated or standing posture, with his characteristic serenity and tranquility. Lord Parshwanath is depicted with a multi-hooded serpent as his canopy, symbolizing protection and enlightenment. His serene expression and meditative pose reflect his deep spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

Having a Lord Parshwanath silver idol is believed to bring blessings, peace, and spiritual upliftment. It is often placed in homes, personal altars, or Jain temples as a focal point for devotion and seeking the blessings and teachings of Lord Parshwanath.

Whether used for worship, as a symbol of devotion, or as a decorative item, a Lord Parshwanath silver idol signifies the deep-rooted spiritual values, non-violence, and the pursuit of enlightenment advocated in Jainism. It serves as a reminder of the path to liberation and the teachings of Lord Parshwanath for those following the Jain faith.

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