Jewelry- after listening to this word what first comes in your mind? Fashion, Style, Uniqueness, Beauty and most probably gift and many other things. Okay, hold on right here. Do you know how many types of jewelry are there in our country? Well, I guess most of the people didn’t know about this. So today I’m gonna give you the knowledge about the Significance of Indian Silver Jewelry and types of Indian Silver Jewelry.


According to our culture, the tradition of wearing jewelry is 5000 years old. Indian women and Indian Jewelry have formed an inseparable connection. The tradition of wearing jewelry is still alive and today time made it more important than earlier. Both Indian Jewelry and history are equally old. The charm of ornaments and beauty of Indian women wearing it never separated. Jewelry has traditional and aesthetic values in our country. Even Jewelry plays a very vital role in Classical Dance forms like Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam. There are different ornaments to decorate almost every art of body right from the hair to the toe to highlight the beauty of the Indian women.

In India, the art of making beautiful ornaments with so much delicacy and uniqueness is incredible. Since ancient times India was known for its amazing jewellery craft. delicate designs, precious stones, and meticulous craftsmanship. From emperors, queens to the common women in India, have their own little treasure of their favourite jewellery pieces, some passed down from generation to generation. 

Indian Silver Jewelry is designed to match the attire. To make the Indian Silver Jewelry more attractive, it is topped with diamonds and various types of rare gemstones. Traditionally, jewelry was made up of heavy gold pieces but recently jewelry made up of silver has become quite popular among people. In modern days, the adorning of Indian Silver Jewelry has gained more attention among the audience. There is a huge rush to the Silver Jewelry market and online Silver Jewelry stores. People are going crazy for Indian Silver Jewelry because of the art and its unique design. Also, silver is perfect for some delicate designs that not only look good in Indian outfits but also compliments well with western attire as well.


Antique Jewelry is known for its rarity, prestige, uniqueness, or vintage look. Antique jewelry has a rough look with a combination of historical charm. This type of jewelry was mainly made to show the beauty of ancient times. This jewellery includes designs from the bygone times, inspired by the Mughal era or various royal times. These jewellery styles are one of the favorites amongst jewellery enthusiasts for their royal appeal and understated opulence. It can instantly bring the old world charm and the authenticity of the royal times. They are mostly made in real gold and silver with precious and semi-precious stone with meticulously crafted designs that truly brings out the luxury and elegance of the jewellery piece. 


Bridal jewellery is all about adorning the bride to be and accentuate her entire look. Bridal jewellery is a part of the most important event of your life and holds that special place which makes it truly special and treasured. This jewellery is made in real gold, silver, and artificial metal as well. The elegantly designed motifs, which colourful stones and gorgeous designs that enhances the look and appearance of the gorgeous bride. Nowadays, many brides are opting for silver jewellery instead of golden or artificial as they are a much affordable option as compared to gold and also much more premium and authentic as compared to artificial jewellery.  


Gold has been considered an auspicious metal among Hindus, and it is a symbol of Lakshmi - the Goddess of wealth. Gold jewelry is the most expensive jewelry. Women used to adore themselves with Gold jewelry on a festive occasion. It has been in the culture of Indian for ages. Many women in India wear gold jewellery on a regular basis and on special occasions. Gold is not only considered auspicious but is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold jewellery comes in many designs, styles and is worn by women and men of all ages. From rings to chains and beautifully designed necklaces, gold has a special place in the hearts and homes in India. 


Kundan Jewelry is adorable as it has layers upon layers of stones and precious metal. Kundan jewelry arrived from the Mughal period. The art was mainly famous in Delhi then later on it reached to Rajasthan and now it is famous among people. Many designs in various styles and forms are available in the market now. Kundan jewellery not only enhances the overall design of the piece but also adds the understated bling and charm that enhances the overall outfit. It is extremely popular amongst young girls and holds a special place in their jewellery box.


In ancient times, the art of Meenakari Jewelry was introduced by Raja Mansingh of Amer to Rajasthan. The beauty of the art of this jewelry gives perfect look to the women by adorning Meenakari Jewelry. The delicate design, beautifully decorated by the pop of colours, handpainted to enhance the look. It has become immensely popular these days amongst brides and is in huge demand for their wedding jewellery. This style of jewellery also complements very well with silver jewellery and also is extremely in trend. ?


Silver Jewelry is in trend among people. Women are preferring Silver jewelry more than any other metals. Silver jewelry has the significance that it is a sign of calmness. The design and unique texture of silver jewelry will add more beauty to your attire. It also beautifully complements both the ethnic and western outfits that makes them extremely versatile and in trend. Silver also has a deep history and cultural significance just like gold in India. It was widely used in ornaments, monuments, expensive and decorated utensils, gold idols, etc. The extreme malleability quality of silver makes it an extremely easy and perfect metal for intricate designs and delicate patterns. It is also very durable that makes it good for regular use. ?


Stone jewelry is quite popular among Indians. Stone jewelry adorns according to the individual’s astrological chart and ruling of the planet. Stones add more value to the jewelry and each stone has its specialty. It also enhances the overall look and value of the design and adds a pop of colour. If you're looking for the right jewellery that can complement the colours of your outfit, then Stone jewellery is the right fit for you. They are also available in precious stones and semiprecious stones. The rare gemstones like diamond, rubies, sapphires, emeralds are all precious stones and are used in heavy jewellery or jewellery with a relatively more expensive range. While semi-precious stones like quartz, citrine, amethyst, aquamarine are a much cheaper alternative that adds understated colours and rustic charm to the jewellery. ?


Temple jewelry is used to adorn the idol of god and goddess. The regal look of the temple jewelry was originated in the 9th century. Temple jewelry is more preferred by classical dancers because it adds divinity and uniqueness to their look. These kinds of designs are very popular in South India and often worn by south Indian brides. But because of the evergrowing demands of jewellery and new jewellery designs, these designs are now very famous amongst all women of all ages. They are usually made in gold and gold plating and showcases a complete regal appeal that is truly mesmerizing and understated.


In our culture, tribal jewelry is known to be quite rich because of its unique style. The unrefined look of Tribal jewelry is the most astonishing feature. Tribal jewelry makes you look more adorable with any attire of your choice. If you're someone who loves to experiment with their style and loves to mix and match Indian with western, tribal jewellery is a must-have for you. The eclectic mix of both the world makes them extremely famous amongst young women and perfect for that bohemian look. Often made in silver and oxidized silver, tribal jewellery is in these days for all the right reasons. ?




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