Well, we won’t be exaggerating if we say that Indian women and jewelry go hand in hand. Jewelry has always been an essential decoration for the desi women of India for a very long time now. The significance of silver jewelry in the life of an Indian woman can be assessed from the number of ornaments presents she accepts on different wonderful events in her life and how even the most ordinary ladies occupy some luxurious jewelry they can afford. Indian women decorate themselves with ornaments is not an ordinary tradition but has been followed for ages and is defined as a significant ritual for the women. Jewelry also has a lot of significance and values attributed to every jewelry item consumed by Indian women.


Every woman loves to wear a Silver piece on her that embellishes her body. Now, not only diamond but any kind of jewelry piece is considered their best friend. Gone are the days when women used to don jewelry as a traditional practice, they now wear it to make a style statement and follow the latest fashion trends. These gold and silver accessories that are studded with stones and diamonds spruce up their appearance which is worth a million bucks. Looking at this increasing love for jewels and gems, many dealers have started the virtual store to sell silver jewelry online in India and they are making a fortune out of this business. However, have you ever wondered why women have been wearing such beautiful pieces from the ancient period? What is the actual logic or reason behind distinct ornaments that they wear, such as anklets, silver nose pins, bangles, earrings, etc? 

We have discussed the significance of different pieces in brief. Read below:

Toe rings


The Z generation feels that the toe rings are just an accessory to adorn the body, but for the women who loves wearing a toe ring doesn't feel the same way. More than anything else than adorning, there is a scientific reason behind the liking of this infamous accessory. Wearing a silver toe ring is highly popular in our country and has a traditional reason behind it. It is dressed as a token of a wedded state by Hindu ladies just similar to the marriage bands in the western countries. Toe rings are also called "bichiyas" and "bichwa" in Hindi, Kalungura in Kannada, Metti in Tamil, "Mettelu" in Telugu, and Jodavi in Marathi. Toe rings are common amongst married women of every religion in India. Girls are wearing artificial toe rings these days to up their style quotient. The scientific theory behind this piece is that the nerves of the second toe are connected to the uterus and further passes through the heart. So, when females are engaged in their daily chores, it creates friction while they walk which revitalizes the productivity organs. Toe rings that are made of silver absorb energy from the earth to pass it to the body and refresh it. Find Silver Toe Rings Online at 925 Silver Jaipur.



Earrings are the most loved and sought-after accessories when we think of jewelry. They are widely loved all across the world in different forms, styles, designs, and trends that blow away the minds. If you are in your teenage or you are middle-aged or feel you are old, the silver earrings are sure to bring you charm to let you feel the youngest again. Whether married or unmarried, earrings and jhumkas are quite favorite for girls. This is the one piece that you can buy variety in and pair with traditional and western outfits for any sort of event and ceremony. Ear piercing is not only famous for girls but boys also opt for it and do little studs in their life. Some studies reveal that ear nerves are connected to the eyes making earrings beneficial for eyesight. Moreover, it is also said that the ear has an important nerve that connects the brain, cervix, and kidney. With the right amount of pressure, it takes care of the kidney and bladder and keeps them in good health. Find Silver Earrings Online at 925 Silver Jaipur.



Bangles are culturally considered as the symbol of a wedded woman. They are called the "suhaag ki nishaani" in Bollywood and our simple language. The glittering, glassy, heave, light, luxurious, light-weighted silver bangles are simply alluring and exude a charm noticeable to everyone. Simply hearing word bangles reminds us of that sweet tinkling sound that makes the surrounding pleasing and lively. This one piece of accessory is famous amongst women primarily because of its economic prices that hardly put a strain on anyone’s pocket and can be acquired even on a shoestring budget. It is known that silver bangles improve blood circulation levels and also channelize the energy that passes through the body. This is due to the circular shape of bangles that make this process possible. Find Silver Bangles Online at 925 Silver Jaipur.

Nose ring


This piece of jewelry may not be worn by girls and women much but it is something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Many families even get special nose rings or nath made for the bride as it is the most auspicious and important jewel of the occasion. Apparently, women who don gold or silver nose pins suffer less pain during childbirth. It is believed that the place where the nose is pierced is connected to the female reproductive organs. Furthermore, it safeguards women from hypnotizing as it controls brain wavelength. Find Silver Nose rings Online at 925 Silver Jaipur.

So, finally, you are familiar with the scientific logic and reasons behind wearing different jewelry pieces. Order your favorite silver jewelry online in India from 925silverjaipur now to avail of these benefits.