During this pandemic, many people have to face so many issues, especially factory workers and laborers. They are prone to various social, psychological, and emotional trauma in such situations, emanating from fear of neglect by the local community and concern about the wellbeing and safety of their families waiting in their native places. Workers are so much dedicated towards their work for their living, it's quite difficult to recognize the emotions and sentiments of workers. The question is how we people care about it and inspire from their work to help them financially and emotionally. During COVID - 19 these workers are dedicatedly working in factories and manufacturing units to make their needs fulfilled. This is the major issue that workers and laborers are people and must be treated like people. Let's see the journey of our factory workers who are working for us, to make us more adorable, and making beautiful silver jewelry just for us. "Emotions" is one the component of inner work life, that's only we need to understand during our every purchase. The silver jewelry is not only the piece of jewelry it's something much more than that, just for once imagine how this silver jewelry was made in the manufacturing unit by the Workers. What sentiments and feelings they have while making this jewelry? While buying the jewelry you are helping one of 925 silver family members to support his family, have you ever wonder how long it took to make that silver jewelry. What emotions does it have when it was manufactured by the worker?  925 Silver Jaipur is dealing with the most precious silver jewelry, not with the emotions, feelings, and sentiments of the workers. People often say it's business, it's not personal but work is personal and we have to think this way from now. Change the mindset from now and value of every piece of jewelry wisely. Check out our entire collection of Silver Jewellery here: https://www.925silverjaipur.com/ Follow us for Daily Updates: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/925silverjaipur