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925 Silver Jaipur is here to lets you explain what style and design of silver jewelry complement your face structure, skin tone, and personality. Our Jewellery Makeover Consultant would be happy to guide you through the Silver Jewelry trends and various options available at your disposal and help you choose styles and designs that would be perfect for you.

Often, women wonder why one piece of Silver Jewelry looks stunning on someone but the same style may not suit their face. Choosing the right design and style of jewelry is as important as buying clothes that suit your body type. Many times, colored gemstones complement your eyes and skin, just as how some colored outfits look better on you. Whatever be your choice of Silver Jewellery, it is meant to reveal your inner diva. Chances are you’ll intuitively know what suits you and what doesn’t!

Here are a few tips that would help you effortlessly pick the styles and designs that are perfect for you.

Let’s get started with a face type

To determine your face type, pull back your hair into a bun or tight pony. This will help you accurately figure out your face type. Stand in front of the mirror and identify your face type as one of these shown below. You may not find an exact match, so look for the shape that is closest to your face type.

Oval Face

You’re lucky if you have an oval-shaped faced! Considered as the ‘ideal’ face type, the Oval face is well balanced, not overly angular or rounded. The face structure is the widest near the cheekbones and narrows slowly as you go down the jawline. Being a soft face type, most Silver Jewellery styles like circles, Silver Hoop or Silver Drop Earrings, and Silver Chokers Necklaces look great!

Square Face

One of the most common face types, the square shape appears to be sharply angular at corners. The jaw is seemingly sculpted and sharp just like Hollywood Actress Lucy Liu or Singer Rihanna. Drop Silver earrings help in creating an illusion of added length which suits this face type well.


Round Face

Widest at the cheekbones, this face type looks exactly as the name suggests. Typically, this shape is wider than the oval shape. To add length to the face, Teardrop Silver earrings or long Silver Necklaces are styles that accentuate the features.

Triangular Face

Similar to the shape of a triangle, this face type is longer at the cheekbones and chiseled at the jawline. Button style Silver Jewelry and shorter Silver Necklaces suit this shape quite a lot.

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the temple and narrow at the chin. The cheekbones usually attract attention as they have soft curves at the jaw. To balance the narrow chin, this face type requires earring styles that are wider at the bottom. Silver Studs, Button Silver Earrings, and inverted triangles add some poise to the face.

Diamond Face

Quite uncommon and angular, this face type is characterized by narrow temples and jaw. The face is structured in such a way that the length is widest across the cheekbones. Since the face is very sharp, it can carry more stunning and dramatic designs. Uncut diamond (polki) Silver Jewellery looks gorgeous on this face type.