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Buy silver Toering online 10% off

Buy silver Toering online 10% off in India are usually made of silver and are worn in pairs (unlike in Western countries, where they are worn singly or in pairs) on the second toe of both feet. Traditionally they are quite ornate, although more contemporary designs are now being developed to cater to the modern bride.

Some 'bitchia sets' may have four out of five pairs of toes, except for the little pinky. 'Bichiya' may not be made of gold, as gold holds 'respected' status and cannot be worn below the waist by Hindus, but it is not followed very strictly and toes made of gold and diamonds are commonly seen.

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There is no special significance of wearing a toe ring, rather a fashion jewelry statement has more importance. In Africa, toe rings are worn by males and females. It is believed that this tradition came to Africa from India. Buy silver Toering online 10% off

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Buy silver Toering online 10% off. Toe rings are also worn by men in Tamil culture, usually in a simple design for comfort. The practice of Tamil men wearing toe rings/metti was used in ancient times when people walked barefoot. The toe ring was a way for women to identify married men as it was the norm for women to look down while walking. 925 Silver

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